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Welcome to CarlC

Welcome to CarlC Internet Services

Wonderful News!!! CarlC and NetworkX have merged.

CarlC has joined with NetworkX to provide even more new and improved services to CarlC customers. The continued growth of CarlC and requirement to grow into new service areas to provide for our customers has led to the merger with NetworkX. To read more about it, click here.

CarlC will continue to charge customers directly for hosting until May 31, 2013. After May 31, 2013, Customers will be charged by NetworkX. If you already have paid past May 31, 2013, your services are covered until the next due date. There should be no interruption of services if your account is up to date and paid. All CarlC customers should have received an email from NetworkX with the new credit card form. If you have not received the new form, you may click here and fill it out to be faxed back to the number on the form.

CarlC Computer Corp., the parent company of CarlC Internet Services, will continue individually as a provider of hardware servers and limited consulting engagements.

CarlC Internet Services is dedicated to providing reliable, specialized hosting for people who are not run of the mill webmasters and website owners. We pride ourselves on helping build relationships with our customers, helping them to succeed and grow.

CarlC started as a small hosting provider in 1999, since then we have grown to handle many different websites and the needs of those websites. Before 1999, we provided consulting to many different types of businesses. Many of those clients would ask us for help finding a reliable hosting solution that works with them, not sets limits nor say "our systems can only do this, take it or leave it". That's no way to treat people, and CarlC Internet Services was born out of the need to service these kinds of customers.

We do continue to provide consulting to many businesses, including several listed in the fortune 500. While your business may not be that large, we enjoy working with medium and small business as well. We have provided many computer and telecom solutions to date that are custom tailored to save you money while meeting or exceeding your business needs. We have over a decade of knowledge in OpenVMS, Windows and Linux operating systems as well as TCP/IP networking. Contact us today and see how we can help to improve your bottom line.

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