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CarlC Internet Services : AUG 10, 2008 - IMPORTANT Improvements to Email Server
on 2008/8/10 0:00:00 (1902 reads)

As of today, August 10,2008, CarlC has moved all accounts from the Davie Datacenter to the 1Vault main Datacenter in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This will provide more reliable service, especially after the Fiber cut to Davie Datacenter over 2 weeks ago. CarlC could not standby and allow the City of Sunrise to have a second chance to cause interruptions to our service.

All domains should use mail.. for all POP and SMTP access. Example: if your domain name is, use for POP and SMTP settings. If you local ISP will not allow you SMTP connect, contact CarlC for a work around or use what the local ISP has provided for SMTP connections.

Do NOT use or, they will not work. only will work.

To make sure your system and/or your ISP has read the new DNS settings for your domain, you can open a MSDOS command prompt from your PC, and enter the command ping .... If the IP address shown is, that is the correct. Any other answer means your PC, your router and/or wireless router or DSL/Cable modem has not picked up the new setting. You may have to reboot those items to get the DNS to re-read. This is a problem on their end, we have already transmitted the change, the equipment is just not picking it up.

The new email server is much faster, completely dedicated to email, and will provide us with space over the coming years. We will also be releasing access to Squirrelmail as some of our clients prefer Squirrelmail over SQwebmail.

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