CarlC Computer Corp. can help your business in many ways, here is a short list of some of the issues business owners face daily:

  • Network Security
  • - Secure your network from outside and inside intruders. Protect against virus attacks.
  • Data Backup and Storage
  • - Help setup Backups, obtain hardware and/or software and plan a strategy that suits your business needs and disaster recovery process. We can also help develop a complete disaster recovery plan to help you get your business back on track when trouble strikes.
  • Secure Email Systems
  • - From Exchange to Qmail, we help develop secure E-mail that can be checked anywhere and not have to store it on the local hard drive.
  • Web Management Services
  • - WEB Design, Hosting, Management to Web Programming (PHP, Perl, C).
  • Technology Training
  • - Training from operating systems to new the latest software applications.
  • IT Tech Support
  • - Call on us if you need help on any technical problems, On-site maintenance and/or support.
  • Telecommunications Support
  • - Need in-house telephone support, help with VOIP solutions, special FAX requirements, or just want to find a more reliable telecommunications provider. We support all forms of telecommunications for your business needs.
  • Advanced Technology Services
  • - Need to setup Hot Spots, WiFi, RFID or to just secure those applications from intruders, we can help. We can also create customized systems and blade servers for any project.

CarlC Computer Corp. has been supporting businesses since 1985 providing support for Networks (TCP/IP and Decnet), Computer systems (OpenVMS, Windows, Unix and Linux) and Telecom. We specialize in helping find the perfect unique solutions for each business.



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