Dedicated Hosting
Features of Dedicated Server webhosting Plans
Feature DL360 G-Series DL380 G-Series
Monthly Charge $100 $200
System Type***** HP Proliant DL360 G4 HP Proliant DL380 G4
Choice of Linux OS (Gentoo, Fedora Core, Centos) ** Yes Yes
Memory size 4Gb 4Gb
Processor speeds [all are 64-bit processors!] Intel® Xeon 3.0 GHz Intel® Xeon 3.0 GHz
Useable Hard Drive Size (RAID ULTRA320 SCSI drives) 72Gb 108Gb
Incremental cost for 1Gb of main memory $10  $10
True RAID with HOTSWAP capacity  Yes  Yes
Monthly Data transfer *** 2.5 TB / Month 2.5 TB / Month
Data Rate *** 1Mbyte/Second 1Mbyte/Second
Battery UPS Backup Yes Yes
24 x 7 FTP/SCP updating Yes Yes
Cost per 100Gb of backup space (direct connected to your server, not FTPed. Use as you want, even as backup of your remote systems!) $5/month per 100Gb $5/month per 100Gb
Geotrust SSL cert for one domain included * Yes Yes
"root" access via SSH secure shell Yes Yes
MySQL database Loaded Yes Yes
Webmin control panel with SSL**** Yes Yes
N+1 (Battery 1.5 Megawatts) UPS Backup with N+1 FPL Utility power feeds Yes Yes
N+1 Generators (3.75 Megawatts), 2 underground fuel tanks Yes Yes
Diverse fiber entry points (Tier-1 with NTT/Verio, Level(3) and Qwest) Yes Yes
4 IP addresses Included Included
Additional IP addresses (must show business requirements for more than 8 IP addresses per server) $1/month per IP $1/month per IP
Access to Credit Card Integration via HOTCONNECT Yes Yes

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Dont' see what you want? Contact us with your requirements. We can build any sized system that your service may need. CarlC has done plenty of custom designs, not only for our racks but other companies as well.

* - Geotrust certificate only valid for CarlC servers. Requires a 3 month agreement.

** - CarlC recommends Centos OS for first time Dedicated Server customers. We will load the latest version of the OS the customer decides on including all security patches before delivery for customer's use. We can provide managed services if required, please contact us for rates. Fedora Core will be loaded with the latest or any version the customer requests.

*** - Higher data rates available, starting at low as $100 for additional 1Mbyte/sec each month. Unlike other providers who make their money wanting you to overuse your bandwidth so they can hit you with a high usage charge, your safe with CarlC knowing that your never going to get hit with an overage charge, and guest accessing your website will never see a "Blocked for bandwidth" message.

**** - Webmin gives complete control of your dedicated server from all aspects of the system. Please visit for details

***** - Unlike the other hosting companies, CarlC Internet Services uses only true servers. Not a Desktop PC motherboard with IDE/SATA drives thrown into a Pizza box. Our servers can replace disk drives without the need for downtime (we don't need to reboot your server to recover your data, all disk replacements are done as the server continues run with zero downtime.). While extremely rare, we also keep spares servers ready to go in case of physical hardware (motherboard) failures. Our servers are serviced by HP techs. For more details on HP Proliant servers, please Click Here.



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