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Windows 10 update fails with 0xC1900101

I’ve been upgrading various Windows 10 systems from the older 1607 to the newer 1703… I had done over 20 of these updates, just load the Windows update agent and off you go [or let Windows update take it’s course].   Had ...

Review of Veeam agent for windows

I’ve reviewed the original “Veeam Endpoint Backup” and found some limitations, now Veeam has killed off the name of “Endpoint” and changed it to a free/paid version called “Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows FREE” [must get the “free” in all ...

Review of Veeam Endpoint Backup

This is a minor review of Veeam’s new Endpoint Backup from my testing/usage.   I’ve almost always used Windows Backup for all my Windows Servers [2003, 2008 R2, 2012 R2] backups. The best thing about Windows Backup is you have to create ...