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Converting a Physical AXP OpenVMS Alpha server to Virtual, PART II

Today I converted my VMware ESX 4.1 machine to VMware ESXi 5.1 update 1. This is the system that is running my Virtual Alpha Server using Migration Specialties’s Avanti software. The good news is, it worked almost perfectly. When you ...

MySQL on OpenVMS loses data if MySQL is not properly shutdown or system crashes

I’ve been busy converting from our old set on OpenVMS of OSU webserver, PHP 3 and MySQL V4. The upgrade consisted of Apache, CWCS from HP, PHP 5 and MySQL V5.   While working on MySQL V5, there was no file ...

Converting a Physical AXP OpenVMS Alpha server to Virtual.

With everyone in the world converting from “Physical” server to virtual, and in our attempts to use less electricity, less cooling, and just being “Greener”, I decided to look at Migration Specialties Avanti. You can find Migration Specialties at .   We currently ...